Friday, February 6, 2009

No more RSV!

After 2 weeks of having RSV, Owen is finally better! He went back to Sylvia's (his babysitter) on Thursday and was pretty cranky, but Friday was much better! Hopefully he won't be that sick again! We still have to do breathing treatments--2x/day for the RSV cough, and one at night for asthma prevention. He's done with his steriods for eczema, and tomorrow will be his last day on the antibiotic for his ear infection! And to think I was just bragging that he'd never been sick :P

Here he is sitting up and clapping whilst watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Maybe I'll be back with more later! I've learned that you can pre-date stuff, so maybe I will catch up with the past 7.5 months!


Jeremy and Lindsay Self said...

That picture of him clapping is so cute! He's so adorable!

Suzy said...

OMG, what a small blog world!! Thanks, Google Reader, for reuniting old "friends." :) So cool to see your baby ... he is a doll! Glad he's healthy again ... keep in touch!