Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just a little update...

I really am not good at keeping up with this.

I got a letter from the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy and the last two classes I took at Amarillo College do not qualify as classes to fulfill my 150 hours I have to have before taking the CPA exam. SO, I'm back in class this semester. Well back on my laptop for my online classes. At least I don't have to worry about the exam while being on the road on audits.

Speaking of which, I have to go back to Wheeler Sept 9-12. Yuck. It will go easier this time though I think.

Owen is taking a few steps now! I think he'll be walking pretty soon. Tonight he stood up without holding onto anything and took a step. Maybe by 15 months he'll be walking! I am ready to have him running around! (I'm sure I'll recant that when he actually is!)

Kyle is back at school studying engineering. This is what he should have done to begin with! He's going to be great at it.

Maybe I'll have something exciting to post about next! (not pregnant!)


Kelly said...

I JUST got the shopping cart cover out to start using now that Harper is sitting up good.....I've been holding out but it will come SO in handy now!!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Kelly said...

I know........I was so wishing I had taken the cart cover with me on vacation - but it would have taken up too much room in the suitcase since we were flying. But I have it out ready to use every where we go now! Be on the lookout for pictures soon!!!She is finally big enough!